To enable Internet users to buy the network in installments was only a matter of time – this rapidly growing e-commerce market, as in Poland, every now and surprise customers with new solutions. Currently, according to research Gemius network already buys 70 percent. Poles, making online purchases of the domestic market is the fastest growing platform in Europe (report Trusted Shops).kobieta-zakupy

Trend followed by up more and more Internet users are shopping in installments. The solution known until recently only to customers of traditional shops and supermarkets, also moved to the Internet.

– When buying a network, you can not just compare the offers of online stores from across the Polish selecting the most advantageous, but also to spread the payment for parts, without visiting the bank. Installments on-line you can purchase your dream TV, home theater or refrigerator right now, eg in the current promotion, which has been online for a few days may no longer apply – says Monika Radaszewska, Product Manager, Product and Financial Services payU SA, a provider of payment sites, including installment loans, including Allegro.

The Allegro already buy in installments – how to do?
The rat payU granted entirely online users are already using the trading platform Allegro. It’s not only fills the loan application through the Internet, but also with one click, on receipt of a positive credit decision, approved the deal.

What you need to do to get a loan to purchase such Allegro? The information that internet users communicate in the online application required to obtain acceptance lender include personal information – your name, Social Security number and place of employment and the amount of monthly income. The latter do not need to be backed up by a paper certificate.